Desert Oasis by Create Joy Project for Moda Fabrics

Desert Oasis is a cotton fabric collection designed by Create Joy Project for Moda Fabrics. 

"Desert Oasis is a fabric line that is dear to my heart. Many of my happiest memories growing up were made in a truly majestic place, Lake Powell. This is a place to celebrate the beauty of nature. I have found more peace among the sparking water and warm sunshine of Lake Powell, than anywhere else on this earth. It is where I go to become grounded with the earth, to be washed in its beauty.

All the designs in Desert Oasis are inspired by this home away from home. Each piece of art was carefully crafted to emote the joy of escape, adventure, warmth and peace that can be found in your travels to a beloved location awash in sunshine and cool water, red rock mountains and magical cliffs.

In Desert Oasis I created five gorgeous new flow fabrics, each color matched to a beautiful element found in the landscape of Lake Powell. They are so rich and full of natural beauty. These are the grounding fabrics for the line. There is a panel showcasing an original landscape painting of the mountains and water sharing a sentiment that will inspire you to, “Lose yourself in nature and find peace.” This fabric line is packed full of fabrics celebrating the red rock mountains and cliffs, warm sands, soft textural plants, unique rocks and pebbles, the culture of the area, the crisp blue sky and the healing sunshine. Of course, no Create Joy Project fabric line is complete without some flowers, so I painted a loose, wild floral using all the colors and textures I found in the Lake Powell landscape, and it is my favorite part of the collection! I hope you love it as much as I do!

I invite you to discover each design in Desert Oasis, and hope that as you do, you will feel the joy that I have cherished throughout my life while exploring Lake Powell, and that as you create something you love with this fabric, you will feel the sense of adventure I used to bring this fabric line to life! - Love, Laura" 

- from Moda Piece Issue 57


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A fat quarter bundle is also available.