CHK Stabilzer Sol-U-Film Pellon 20in - 551P

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Pellon® 551 Sol-U-Film™ is a water soluble stabilizing backing for embroidery. It is great for machine embroidery, appliqué, cut-work, and monogramming. It allows fabric to retain its natural hand and is great for stabilizing embroidery on specialty fabrics such as diamond pique, sportswear, and net, as well as on top of napped fabrics such as velvet and terrycloth to keep stitches from sinking into the fabric. The film is translucent, which allows for easier positioning. The film dissolves quickly and easily in water. 100% PVA. 20in wide. Great for machine embroidery, appliqué, cut-work, and monogramming. Sewing machine safe Non-Woven Wash Away Weight: Lightweight Single Sided Washing/Drying instructions: Follow Fabric Care instructions

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